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Trying is Believing with Juno

28 August 2020|Hannah Olson

We learned a long time ago that when people actually get a chance to hear one of our FrontRow systems, either at a tradeshow or in their own classroom, they are often amazed at what a difference a little amplification makes.

Recently another teacher, Rob Patin of, tried and reviewed the Juno on his blog. Full disclosure - we sent him the Juno - but with absolutely no strings attached. Patin is a self-proclaimed "big fan of classroom audio systems," so all we did was send him ours to try as well.

Patin's summarizations about the Juno were all the things we love to hear! While he would have liked Bluetooth capability (attention Product Development team!) and his voice commands to be picked up a clearer (just takes a little practice), his overall rating of the Juno was a 9 out of 10.

His highlights include:

  • "Even the least tech-savvy teacher [can] quickly set up [the Juno]"
  • "The [Juno teacher] microphone doesn’t shift or flop around as I move around the classroom and conference with students"
  • "The software makes it so much more convenient than the way I was previously recording lessons"
  • "What amazed me most was how a single speaker tower could somehow project my voice throughout my entire classroom"
  • "If your district if considering a technology purchase that will immediately benefit student learning, you should strongly suggest that it takes a look at buying classroom audio systems. Personally, I would place the Juno high on the list of possible considerations."

Hey, you don't have to take our word for it, now you can find out for yourself. We want to offer everyone a chance to try the Juno free, so you can have the same experience as Mr. Patin.