FrontRow Case Study


Clarendon Road Community Primary School 21 Day Juno Experience

Clarendon Road Primary School constantly strive to give their pupils the most positive and successful educational experience they possibly can.

This was reflected in their recent Ofsted inspection, in March 2020, when they were confirmed as a Good school with Good grades in all inspection areas.

They want the children who come to their school to achieve the highest standards that they can and they believe that this is achieved when children are happy and feel good about themselves; when they are interested, given support and encouraged by their parents; and are taught well.

They know children make the best progress when school and parents work together. They see parents as partners in their child’s learning journey and have regular meetings to discuss progress; communicate frequently via their app and Facebook; and hold events to bring their wider school community together.

Introducing Juno

“The quality and crispness of the of sound Juno brought to my classroom resulted in increased engagement, participation, motivation, confidence and inclusion.”

Clarendon Road Primary School were the first school in Salford to trial a Frontrow Juno in their classrooms. The teachers reported that not only that they had never heard of a Juno, they had no idea of the impact it could have for them as a teacher and the impact for children, especially phonics and application into reading and writing.

“I had no idea! I just thought of it as being a speaker. I did not realise the benefits for children.”

21 day Juno Experience

The teachers at Clarendon Road had 4 Junos installed in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. They trialled it for approximately 2 weeks and then had to ‘give it up’ and let another class trial it.

“I am so calm and zen. The Juno freed me up from the front and I could be anywhere in the room. In my class, it improved levels of learning, productivity and the level of the work produced. When I don’t have my Juno, I am so sad and really miss it”

Impact of Juno

Although the teacher’s at Clarendon Road reported wide ranging impact when using the Juno in terms of well being, improved relationships with children, improved behaviour and motivation and more time for learning, they also noticed a significant improvement in early reading and phonics and crucial application in to spelling, reading and writing.

Clarendon Road Year 1 Assistant of Learning

“Since using the Juno, I definitely have noticed a positive difference to the children's engagement with phonics. The children are more focus and alert. “

Clarendon Road Year 1 Teacher

“I absolutely love wearing my Juno in the classroom. It allows me to gain a calm atmosphere without having to use project voice. When using the Juno, I notice a difference in increased attention and listening from the children. It allows me to provide a better teaching and learning experience, resulting in a much more positive classroom atmosphere.“

Clarendon Road Juno and Phonics

The progress children have made in their phonics and application in to their reading and writing has been phenomenal. Children are eager to “read with speed” and “write with all their might.”

The Juno has enabled children to be able to clearly hear the sounds in the words that they speak as the enunciation of the 44 sounds in the English Language powered by a Juno is “crystal clear.” In turn this has impacted on their oral blending and segmenting skills and with over rehearsal of the segmenting and blending “before they pick up a pen” and speedy spelling mat work (“we hear the sounds in our words really well, we look at our mats to see and spell”) has resulted in transformational progress in their writing and reading in a relatively short space of time.

“The use of the Juno has had a strong impact during phonic sessions. It allows me to clearly pronounce and emphasise “spellings for the sound”. The children are more alert and engaged and can clearly hear all the spellings for the sounds. Their oral blending and segmenting skills have significantly improved because of this. This is evident when they come to their reading and writing as they are applying them more consistently and with ease.”

“It helped me hear the sounds in phonics.”

“I like using it in phonics! I like hearing and saying the sounds!”

“I like having a special turn and hearing my voice!"

Clarendon Road Juno and Reading & Writing

“The Juno really benefits children during reading sessions. The children have increased levels of concentration as I am able to calmly and clearly use my voice, without having to project and use a “teacher voice”. It has considerable helped with the impact of writing. The children have increased interactions levels and engagement. They are with you every step of the lesson. As the classroom is so calm, it helps with the children’s concentration during writing as they are only hearing your voice, making stronger learning connections.”

Clarendon Road Year 1 Children

“The children thoroughly enjoy using the interaction microphone when sharing ideas during carpet time and small group work across the curriculum. They enjoy having their own turn and it makes them feel special, improving their self esteem. It is so good for them to hear their own voices.”

“I liked that I could speak into it and it made good noises. My voice was really loud coming through it. It was really cool.”

“I can hear the teacher clearly. I like using the microphone to share my ideas, so I don’t need to use a big voice.”

Clarendon Road Year 2 Teacher

“The Juno really supports the teaching of phonics. It enables teachers to say the sounds in words in a natural way, without any exaggeration. I 'gave up' my Juno this year to support a teacher with a challenging, lively class. It hooks the children in and develops good listening and attention skills. I'm very excited about having it back this year! I feel I'm a lot calmer and composed in the classroom wearing the Juno.”

Clarendon Road Year 3 Teacher

“The Juno has been an integral part of my classroom this year and I would have needed to alter many aspects of my teaching without it. The Juno ensures that the sound is loud enough for all children in the classroom to hear and it also amplifies the sound to the opposite side of the room so it does not matter where a child is sat in relation to the speaker. I have used the pendant microphone on many occasions, and this has enhanced the input of the lesson. All children are able to hear me loud and  clear and children to the back of the room feel like I am close to them. This has helped during lead subjects, for example, English and Maths to ensure that all children have heard instructions clearly.”

Juno or not to Juno

Teachers asked if they would teach again without being powered by a Juno, the resounding answer was “No! “I really thought it was a luxury, not any more... The children and I love and are so used to the effects of the Juno now think I would feel lost without it.”