FrontRow Case Study


Royal Tunbridge Wells 21-Day Juno Experience

The Wells Free School is defined by a focus on the wellbeing and individual achievement of children, strong community engagement, excellent teaching, genuinely purposeful learning and an inspiring creative curriculum. It is open to all and will support all pupils, regardless of their background, to achieve their potential. TWFS will be distinctive in a number of ways taking a fresh look at education and pastoral system, and enhance the learning opportunities of the next generation.

  • Imaginative and flexible teaching to achieve the best possible learning in all situations, and to facilitate strong emphasis on pastoral care.
  • A greatly enriched curriculum, both within the school day, and within the introduction of extended school provision.
  • High expectations of all members of TWFS and the wider community to actively be involved in, and feel ownership of the school.
  • Maximum and creative use of the outdoor environment for all ages.

21 day Juno Experience

The Wells Free School had never heard of a Juno until very recently. They discovered Juno during some training for Supersonic Phonic Friends with Anna Lucas and were keen to find out more.

The Reception and Year 1 teacher had the Junos installed in their play-based classrooms for a 21 day Juno experience and immediately began to see, feel and hear the significant impact that a Juno has on teaching and learning in a relatively short space of time.

They have been so impressed with the impact of Juno that they decided to invest in them and keep them at their school and showcasing excellent practice in phonics powered by Juno to neighbouring schools in Tunbridge Wells.


The Reception and Year 1 teachers reported a wide range of advantages that the Juno had had in their classrooms over a relatively short period of time. The teachers reported how the Juno significantly impacted on teaching and learning in key areas, for themselves as teachers and the children, such as the clarity of sound, maximising every moment, accelerated progress in learning, and well-being and workload.

“Yes! I like it because it’s £3000 loud! (EAL child)

Increased Levels of Engagement

“Since using Juno we have noticed that the children's engagement levels have increased. They are able to attend to their learning far better and really notice when it is muted, often asking for it to be turned back on.”

“I really like Juno because you can hear everyone better!”

“I like Juno because it helps us hear!”

Phonics and Writing

A Reception child

“It makes your voice better. I don't know why? I can hear you!! I can do my phonics. I'm good now.“

This Reception child now knows approximately 60% of his phase 2 sounds and is blending and segmenting. Before Juno, he found this very challenging. He now wants to actually write and not use the stampers! A sibling of the child was not accessing phonics like this until year 2 and they are very similar. This is huge progress for this child.

“Children are now able to hear medial sounds in words where they couldn't before, they are now orally segmenting and blending and the progress has been fantastic.”

Asked if anything else had changed in the classroom or teaching of phonics… “Implementing Supersonic Phonic Friends and using a Juno…combined they have had a significant impact!”

“I like Juno because it is much louder and I’m much quicker to hear!” (lowest 20%) The Interaction Microphone

“The microphone that the children use (we have nicknamed the roving reporter) has actively supported our children with speaking to the whole class, particularly our reluctant speakers. The children regularly ask to use the roving reporter in class.”

I like Juno because when we didn’t have it I couldn’t hear Mrs Cheeseman when there was some noise

“I like Juno because it helps me hear better. I like the roving reporter” (selective mute child)

“I like Juno because it’s a circle (point to microphone) and it has this hole and makes louder voice.” (EAL child)

Health and Well being

The Reception teacher regularly loses her voice and hasn’t since wearing her Juno. They also noticed their voices were sore when they don’t use it! They no longer have to rely on using their renowned “teacher voices” that they have been using for years and having to deal with the impact of that on their health and well being.

“As teachers, we really notice the difference when we do not have it on, with our voices actually hurting.”

Behaviour Management

They spoke about how the amplification of the sound of their voice powered by a Juno decreased the noise levels cancelled out disruptive background noise; reduced time being wasted on managing low level behaviour; increased listening and attention of all the children; and instilled an overwhelming sense of calm in their classroom.

“Behaviour management has been easier too!”

To Juno or not to Juno…?

“Before hand we weren’t really sure how it would work or what is was! We do not want to ever give them up! We would actually cry! If you take it away today we would be buying it out of our own money!”